I'm Lenka - university educated fashion and glamour photographer working in and around London....

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Trusted Photographer




Hi, I’m Lenka, and I want to give you photos of yourself that you can’t wait to show your friends, family, colleagues or clients.


Whether you are a fashion or glamour professional, or a model just starting out, or an actress, student, dancer, personal trainer, or other professional, or you just want a lovely photo of yourself, perhaps for a special occasion, then I will make it happen.


They say ‘Every picture tells a story’, and I will work with you to produce the pictures that you want to tell YOUR story – for personal use, or for your portfolios, websites, brochures or anything else!


I create many types of image, in different categories, as you can see in my Gallery. I will work with you to create the ’look’ you require.

And I also shoot INTERIORS, so can cater to hoteliers, shop and boutique owners, and anyone else with an inside space they want captured.


What You Want To Know

I am a friendly photographer – London-based, with my own studio (close to Notting Hill Station), but also available for photo-shoots on location.


I really take care of my clients, putting them at ease, and devoting enough time to the session to allow them to relax so that I can get the best out of them – no ‘in-and-out’ appointments with me!


My studio is ideal for clients who prefer more of a personal atmosphere for their fashion or boudoir photo shoot, rather than a busy high-street studio, which can be intimidating for many.
You will not be in a waiting room, or see others being styled, or meet clients on their way out.

The premises are completely yours from start to finish, with only me (your photographer) and Erika, my friendly stylist and award-wining make-up artist, on the set with you.


I always give clients enough time to relax fully, almost a process of allowing the ‘mask’ to fall – and that’s the time I can get the best out of them.
High-street photographers don’t usually have the luxury of being able to allow that amount of time, and so tend to miss ‘capturing’ the person.

I also offer a selection of clothes and accessories that you might like to wear for your shoot, including lingerie, swimwear, jewellery and a large selection of shoes.


My price structure is competitive and individually-based


I deliver images within five working days.


And I have special offers every month, so please check my website for what’s new!


My Qualifications

I have a BA in Visual Art (Photography) from the University of East London.
I started as an assistant photographer around ten years ago, and have been photographing professionally now for over five years.

As a child, I loved styling my friends and drawing portraits, and been lucky enough to have worked around photographers, designers and other creative people.

My Philosophy

Photography is my central and  abiding passion. Every image I create has to work on many levels - for you as a client, for the eventual consumer, and for me as a professional. I work hard to make sure my images work hard too!
There is beauty in all things, but seeing and composing that beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.

In my own work with clients, I strive for ‘classy’, romantic seductive photography. Most importantly, I want a session with me to be an experience where women gain confidence within themselves and feel beautiful again.

I love Nigel Barker’s work - a great commercial fashion photography, with amazing ideas when it comes to set-ups (location, background, story etc ...).


His work is editorial fashion, and every image he produces aims to sell the product by evoking a story.
I feel the same – my shoots are not only about capturing the physical beauty, but also about defining the person behind, with emotions, expressions and an unveiling of their true INNER SELF.

My favourite ‘glamour’ photographer is Sue Bryce – she’s actually mainly portraits, but does a lot of glamour, and even her portraits are very glamorous. She takes any lady of any age and transforms them into beautiful women in a very natural way - – absolutely bringing out their best qualities in the way she styles them and poses them.

Essentially, I love working with ‘real women’ to try and show them how gorgeous they are.

I strive to help women overcome any negative self-thoughts - “I'm not sexy”, “I need to lose weight”, “I could never do that!”
I view my work as helping to uncover the truth of women. To show them they are sexy just as they!
I hope to build their confidence and, of course, change their perspective!


If you like what you see in my Galleries, please give me a call - I'll be delighted to discuss your next project.

I hope to work with you soon.

Lenka x